Solitaire Win Rates

Yo! Are you curious to know how often it's possible to win your favorite solitaire card games?

This site reports results of computer programs that simulate playing various solitaire games. Playing a large number of random deals for a given game produces an estimate for how often the game can be won.

Currently, this site provides win rates for 108 different solitaire games, plus many variations. Select any of the games below for more information about that game's winnability (and other analysis):

23 SkidooAbandon HopeAccordion
(Idle Year)
Accordion's RevengeAces UpAcme
Agnes BernauerAgnes SorelAlcides
Ali BabaAll in a RowAlpha Star
American CanisterAuld Lang SyneBaker's Game
Beleagured CastleBetrothal
(Royal Marriage)
Block Eleven
Block TenBlack HoleBritish Canister
CanfieldCaptive Queens
Delta StarDnipro
Double Nestor
DoubletsEast HavenEight-Day Clock
Eight OffElevensEven Up
(Odd or Even)
Fortune's FavorFourteen OutFreeCell
FrustrationFull ParadeGaps
Herz zu Herz
(Heart to Heart)
Hit or Miss
(Roll Call)
Hope Deferred
HydraHydra's RevengeIndefatigable
King AlbertKlondike
(Poker Solitaire)
Mrs. MopNestor
Nestor's RevengeNinesNorthwest Territory
Patient PairsPenguinPerpetual Motion
(Beeswax, 15 Puzzle)
Pirate Gold
(Treasure Hunt)
QuasarQueen's Audience
(King's Audience)
Royal FamilyRoyal FlushSeahaven Towers
SevastopolSeven UpSiegecraft
Simple PairsSimple SimonSomerset
Spanish PatienceSpiderSpiderette
StorehouseStreets and AlleysStronghold
Suit ElevensSuper Hit or MissTens
(Take Ten)
Tam O' ShanterThirteensThirty
Thirty SixTrigonTrigon Left
Turkish KerchiefUltimate Hit or MissUnstable Worm Hole
VerticalWave MotionWhitehead
Will O' the WispWishWorm Hole

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