The rules of this game can be found here. Basically, it's the same as FreeCell, but allowing only Kings to fill empty columns, and the four free cells are initially filled (each column starts with six cards, as shown above).

Danny A. Jones found that the win rate of ForeCell is over 85%, and Solvitaire has since confirmed this result.

Solvitaire ForeCell results,
10 million deals each
Rate %
Alternating Colors8,561,56934985.617 ± 0.024
Same Suit1,056,397010.564 ± 0.020

In addition, Solvitaire also tested building by suit instead of alternating colors. You can consider this to be a harder variation of ForeCell, Seahaven Towers, or Eight Off, take your pick. Solvitaire's win rate of 10.564% confirms previous results by both Danny A. Jones and myself.

See Michael Keller's FreeCell -- Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ) article, which includes more information about Forecell and other games similar to FreeCell.

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