Maverick (Poker Solitaire)

My original Maverick solver was written in 1998, making it one of my first solitaire solvers.

The solver does not try to optimize solutions for points, although I may revisit this in the future. It simply determines whether it is possible to arrange the 25 cards into five Poker hands that are each a Straight or higher, and if so the game is counted as a win. Maverick is winnable 98.25% of the time (about one deal in 57 is impossible).

Whenever you are trying to place a card that does not seem to go with anything else, it often helps to make it the kicker of a Four of a kind. So, I was surprised at how little the win rate drops when not allowing Four of a kind hands. Only about one deal in 200 requires them!

Maverick Win Rates,
100 million deals
4 of a Kinds
Rate %

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