Double Nestor

In June 2003, I wrote a solver to play various possible layouts of Nestor when using two decks of cards. Twice as many cards makes the program take much, much longer to solve, so I ran only 1000 games in each configuration. I have now written an updated version of the solver, and I will run a better sample after I implement some speed enhancements.

Shown below are three of the results from the original solver. This includes 10 columns of 10 cards unrectified (as implemnted by BVS and Virtuoso), 12 columns of 8 cards unrectified (as implemented by Pretty Good Solitaire), and 7 columns of 13 cards rectified (which has a very high win rate thanks in part to its reserve of 13 cards, which is always one of each rank).

See the article Nestor and Double Nestor -- Rank Pair Discarding Games at Solitaire laboratory for more discussion of Nestor and Double Nestor.

Win rates for Double Nestor,
one thousand deals each
Rate %

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