Hope Deferred (Knockout)
Herz Zu Herz (Heart to Heart)
Abandon Hope

Rules for these games can be found here. If my understanding is correct, Herz Zu Herz is the same game as Hope Deferred, but discarding Hearts instead of Clubs, and not refilling spaces. Abandon Hope uses a full deck of cards, discards Clubs, and also does not refill spaces. In addition, 24 cards are dealt each round instead of 15, and some sources allow a third redeal (instead of two).

Win Rates for Hope variants,
10 billion deals each
Rate %
Hope Deferred (Knockout)4,390,116,44343.90
Herz Zu Herz3,904,350,65439.04
Abandon Hope (2 redeals)2,029,119,43120.29
Abandon Hope (3 redeals)2,416,201,55024.16

While Abandon Hope may have a lower win rate than these other two Hope variants, it is won much more often than the name of the game would suggest!

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