Even Up (Odd or Even)

In this game, you deal out cards in an overlapping row as in Decade. Face cards are not used, so you can discard them immediately as they appear, or remove them from the deck beforehand. You can discard the rightmost pair of cards whenever they add up to an even number, and you win the game if you can discard the entire deck.

If you wish to play the same game, but without the addition, try removing the rightmost pair of cards whenever they are the same color (red or black) instead. As the row expands, the colors will alternate. This way of playing also makes it easy to include the face cards if you wish. Matching by color makes absolutely no difference to the win rate, but adding 12 more cards drops it by nearly 3%.

Win Rates for Even Up,
one billion deals each
Rate %
Color matching, full deck218,134,81221.81

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Last modified January 22, 2022

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